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Eva-Glory Industrial Co., Ltd. 鎔利興業股份有限公司

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Today is 19,Aug,2018
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About Us
Established in 1970, Eva-Glory is an expert foam manufacturer, which focuses on producing high quality closed cell foam material for footwear, sports, toy, leisure, electronics, packing, medical, marine and body protection industries.

For experiences more than 30 years, Eva-Glory not only has been devoting much in new foam material & products research to satisfy market needs, but also has been achieving an honored reputation in quality performance.

As a leading company of foam & related products in the world, we supply quality products in following 7 main categories.

1. Closed cell microcellular foam (for all types of industrial application).
2. Insole / footbed (for all types of shoe, footcare and orthopaedic).
3. Compression moulded parts (for sports pads, body protectors, case box) luggage etc.
4. Mats (for sports, fitness, yoga, working and animal comfort etc.).
5. Equestrian gears (saddle pads, stable mats, riders protector vest horse boot).
6. Body armour protectors... [Details]
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